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AEM 6.2- Hybris Integration


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Dear All,


We are trying to integrate AEM 6.2 with Hybris 6.   As a part of integration, we installed the package cq-hybris-content-6.2.100.zip and cq-geometrixx-hybris-content-6.2.100 in AEM.


We followed the instructions and setup the Hybris and AEM Geometrix Outdoor site based on the documentation provided by Adobe https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-2/deploy/ecommerce/hybris.html.


Both Hybris and AEM Geometrixx Outdoor is up and running but the integration is not working. One of the key requirement is to reflect  the price details of Product immediately when there is a change in Hybris.


While analyzing the  error.log from AEM , we found the below error.  


27.12.2016 15:38:55.613 *DEBUG* [sling-default-20-default.3243] org.apache.http.impl.conn.PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager Connection [id: 22][route: {s}->https://localhost:9002] can be kept alive indefinitely

27.12.2016 15:38:55.613 *DEBUG* [sling-default-20-default.3243] org.apache.http.impl.conn.PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager Connection released: [id: 22][route: {s}->https://localhost:9002][total kept alive: 1; route allocated: 1 of 1; total allocated: 1 of 20]

27.12.2016 15:38:55.613 *TRACE* [sling-default-20-default.3243] com.adobe.cq.commerce.hybris.impl.OAuthHandler Hybris response: {

   "errors" : [ {

      "message": "There is no resource for path /rest/oauth/token",

      "type": "UnknownResourceError"

   } ]





Based on this,  oauth is pointing to a Hybris 5.7 Token URL which is not the target Hybris Server.    

In Hybris 6.0 the resource path has to be /authorizationserver/oauth/token.


Could you please Confirm the below.


(1)  Whether AEM 6.2 supports Hybris connection through connector?  If yes, which connector we should use.


(2) Please specify  any additional steps which need to be followed to achieve the Hybris Connectivity?


(3)  If connector supports , please specify the features supported as a part of default Hybris  AEM connector ?




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This looks like a bug. If the docs are not working - please file a bug.


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Also - see this GEMS session on this subject - it may help you: 


PS - the Eng team will not be back in Office until Jan 3