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AEM 6.1 OOTB Text(Rich Text) component not working


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I am trying to use OOTB Text Component but its not working on vanilla instance of aem 6.1 Please refer below image.


Then we applied below hotfixes provided by adobe:

Hot fix 6449 *

Hot fix 7085 *

Hot fix 6446 *

Hot fix 6500 *

Hot fix 7700 *

Hot fix 6972 *

Hot fix 6640 *

Hot fix 6680 *

Hot fix 6570 *

Hot fix 7285 *

Feature Pack 6563

cq-socialcommunities-pkg Version 1.7.199*

Hot fix 6717 *

After this Text component is started working but with an issue. Inline editing is working but when I used to open the dialog and input text then after clicking submit button text entered in dialog is not displayed on the page. While the same functionality is working fine in case of inline editing.

Please help and suggest if we missed any hotfix.


vipan kumar

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Hi Vipin,

As per your query it is not clear that if you have configured RTE plugin on the text component . By default, OOTB text component is not enabled for rich text editing and you have to enable RTE features as per your requirements. If you haven't done that already you can overlay the existing text component and enable RTE by following steps mentioned in following doc :
Configuring the Rich Text Editor - docs.adobe.com

The screenshot in your query is not text editing dialog , instead it is configure dialog-box  for the component.

You can toggle in-place editing editor to full-screen in Touch UI to modify text,  it doesn't require to open a dialog for the text component , However if you are in Classic UI it will show you a dialog-box.


Abhishek Dwevedi


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Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for response.

Yes, I have configured it with RTE plugin. And I am aware the I can toggle in-place editing to full screen in Touch UI. But I need both the options. Author/Client wants to enter through dialog also. It was working for me earlier when only these patches were installed:




But when other patches/hot fixes were installed as mentioned in my query then it stopped working. So is there a specific hot fix to fix it or some other way to fix it.


vipan kumar