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Actual Question:


There are no limited time trial downloads available as of now.

If you need an AEM Trial version, you will need to get connected with the Adobe Sales team.

You can also contact via phone number provided on the bottom of the page.




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I requested a free trial version as I have a coding assignment from a potential employer (which means this is a corporate user of AEM) and received the following reply:

Thank you for your email. 

Access to an AEM trial license is provided to companies and individuals that are registered in the Adobe Solution Partner Program.  I do not show that your company is registered in our program.  If you believe this information to be incorrect, please provide your full company name.

More information about the Solution Partner Program can be found at this link -

If you are interested in registering in our program, please follow the steps below.

Registration Steps – Please do not use Internet Explorer to complete registration

Go to -

Click on Join Program at the top of the page

Scroll down and click on Get Adobe ID if you need one (or if you are not sure if you have one already) OR Start Registration if you know your Adobe ID.

Follow the steps to complete registration.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Adobe SPP Management Team

Email -


What I need to know IMMEDIATELY is how certain individuals receive "bypass" privileges while I am treated differently?

I would recommend you to Fill the form by clicking on Request Demo:- Enterprise content management, ECM | Adobe Experience Manager

//In meanwhile I have asked Sham to help you if this bypass way still exists.


and this --

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mohammadz37123226Level 1

Got 6.3 trial version. Thanks a lot.

Why does "mohammadz37123226" get a 6.3 trial version and I do not? I am a U.S. citizen attempting to get a job in the U.S. as a software developer for a  U.S. employer who has requested a sample of my code. I no longer work for an employer with AEM, but I have in the recent past. As any good developer, I want to test my software on the platform for which it was intended.

Also, I would like the name (from AEM Employees replying on this forum) of the top official at AEM with whom I may communicate. I want concrete evidence that this "bypass" is available to ALL developers regardless of race or religion. I want concrete evidence that AEM is abiding by ALL applicable U.S. Laws to make opportunities available to all U.S. citizens.