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Adobe Summit 2023, AEM LAB | L714 - Outbound Marketing with Adobe Experience Manager and AJO



Adobe Summit 2023

Summit Registration: https://adobe.ly/3Yk2k6X 

Session Details

Content is key. In this digital era, people expect to be wowed—quickly. Between multiple devices and the content supported, such as instant messaging, email, web, push, and social media apps, consumers are incessantly bombarded with content. If a message isn’t compelling, they’re apt to delete it or entirely disengage. To ensure that your outbound marketing messages stand out, you must give your customers unique and relevant customer experiences. Find out what it takes to harness Experience Manager and AJO powered capabilities and key content creations intended for outbound marketing messages that empower you to stay ahead of the curve. This lab assumes some familiarity with Experience Manager and the Adobe AJO user interface, concepts, and terms. Learn how to: ->Create engaging content for outbound marketing material  ->Apply the content to customer-specific journey emails that will utilize it

Session Schedule

Date:2023-03-22, Time:08:00:00 PST & Lab Session Length:90


Latha Ramasamy (Adobe) & Vitaly Tsaplin (Adobe)

Session Room

Lando 4304


Adobe Campaign,Adobe Journey Optimizer,Adobe Experience Manager Sites

Full Schedule

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