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we have a customer who sends their emails through Adobe Campaign Classic, but the emails are set up in Adobe Experience Manager. There are only these seven components in AEM:


Heading (campaign)
Image (campaign)
Link (campaign)
Scene7 Image Template (Campaign)
Targeted reference (Campaign)
Text & Image (Campaign)
Text & Personalization (Campaign)


Is there any way that you can create customized components yourself?

Any information in this direction is welcome!


Thank you in advance for your help!



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Accepted Solutions (1)




The AEM email components have been deprecated. Due to the nature of email, which merges content and style, the email components provided out-of-the-box by AEM become of limited reuse for customers because of the need to implement custom styles into whatever components are required for projects.
Email components can be implemented on project level, and the deprecated AEM email components illustrate how that can be achieved. However these deprecated components should not be used on projects.
I think there is no way to create new components.

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