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I'm trying to share a large file from the DAM  via the "email link to download" functionality. When he send it over to the user, it won't allow them to download the source file and gives them a lower res version. He gets the below error. Any idea what that might mean?



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Accepted Solutions (1)






This might be causing because of out of memory errors in JVM. To secure the system from a potential denial of service attack due to this situation, configure the maximum size using the Max Content Size (uncompressed) parameter for Day CQ DAM Adhoc Asset Share Proxy Servlet in Configuration Manager. The default value is 100 MB.


1) Go to Tools > Operations > Web Console.

2) From the web console, locate the Day CQ DAM Adhoc Asset Share Proxy Servlet configuration.

3) Open the Day CQ DAM Adhoc Asset Share Proxy Servlet configuration in edit mode, and modify the value of the Max Content Size (uncompressed) parameter.

4) Save the changes


Hope this helps !

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