Adobe AEM Angular 6 Support for Multi Functionality Component

Rajashankar 10-10-2018

Hi All,

I want to integrate UI templates Developed in Angular 6 in Adobe AEM. These UI templates performs multi functionality like Search of Products,View Product Details along with description/Price/Discount Details, Add prod to Cart,Checkout etc..

Each of the above functionalities are embedded in Angular Modules as Individual Components like Cart component,Mini Cart, View Product details etc..

Now below is my Questions

a) Does Adobe AEM supports embedding these Angular web components.Which version of AEM provides a better support(Can 6.2/6.3 or only 6.4?)

b)  For Angular Implementation with AEM .I had already went through some of the forum links (​​ ).They suggest to use create angular custom element and embed it in HTL. Is that the only interface methodology recommended.

Please suggest.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (2)

dgordon86 11-10-2018

You should also check out the We.Retail Journal Sample Angular application:  aem-sample-we-retail-journal/angular-app at master · adobe/aem-sample-we-retail-journal · GitHub . The recommendation is to develop the Angular application outside of AEM (using webpack, or other build project of your choice). Only the compiled JavaScript and CSS would be ported into AEM in the form of a client library, aem-clientlib-generator - npm  is a useful tool for this. This design pattern could be used on 6.2/6.3 although as Soctt and Kautuk mention the SPA editing capabilities are only available in 6.4