Adding "Change Thumbnail" button to an asset

daniel40228988 05-12-2019

I noticed that you can add a thumbnail image for the folders in AEM Assets. As in the picture.


Do you know if it's possible to add that button to other assets files, such as zip-files and mp4 files?

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The file type for both folders & files/assets are different.

You can create some custom code(maybe using JS) that reads the number of assets on a page/in crx and adds button to them using JS with DOM.

You can get all the assets on the page and append the button to them using a loop or something like that.

On a page, the assets are basically enclosed in anchor tags which when clicked direct us to the clicked asset.


let btn = document.createElement("button");

btn.className = "<bla bla bla>";

btn.appendChild(document.createTextNode("<bla bla bla>"));