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Is it possible to add a session in cq:dialog which renders whatever data is supplied in the fields and previews it out in real time. In the simplest of scenarios, I need to add two numbers and when I enter both the numbers the cq:dialog should preview it's output as 4. There should be two sessions in the the cq:dialog, like two columns, the left one to enter value to the fields and the right to display the rendered output. How to achieve this? Is it possible to?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




No it can't be possible through Touch UI dialog. Also, as per the spec​​ Sightly does not support operations inside expressions. You would need to create a helper use-object (using either JavaScript or Java) that would provide the test threshold/reference value.

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Hi jezwn​,

  • use extraclientlib property to add your dialog specific clientlibs.
  • write your logic in clientlib js.

Take a reference from this GitHub - Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/aem-authoring-dialog-fields-customization: Sample for customizing fie...

Usually we write JS for fields validations in a dialog.However I never came across such kind of requirements but it should be achievable using above steps.


Arpit Varshney