Adding custom search predicate (Tags) to Asset Search Filter panel throwing errors



I have added a custom Tags Predicate to Asset search filter panel following this documentation. It seems to work fine and it's filtering out the results properly, but I see the following error in the crx console : Unable to get PredicateEvaluator instance: jcr:content/metadata/customfield@Delete Unable to get PredicateEvaluator instance: jcr:content/metadata/customfield@TypeHint

I thought about creating custom predicate evaluator, but that does not seem to work because of the way query is generated. Is this a known bug that's been addressed in the later releases or service pacs? Has anyone been able to address this issue on their own? Any insignts or drections would be greatly appreciated.

I am seeing this issue in version 6.2 as well as on 6.4.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Yes, this is a known issue. These error messages don't have any functional impact. So, it is safe to ignore these error messages.

The fix/ workaround is to create a new logger set at error log level for class api and purge the files as per your convenience.