Add style to RTE 6.3 <ul> or <li> element?



In rich text editor AEM 6.3 , it is possible to add the style class to the <ul> or <li> element.

I would like to add this to convert bullet list to checklist and for this added custom condition in listplugin.js . Project requirement is to rt, numbered and checklist.

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Answers (2)



Hi, I have a similar requirement. Could you please help me in below implementation.

In RTE Component of AEM - unordered list by default provides "." bullet list.

I need to provide an option to make list with checkmark bullets.

If we add some style (by configuring styles nodes) for list, then markup is generating as below.

<ul> <li> <span class="abc">Line One</span> </li> <li> <span class="abc">Line Two</span> </li> </ul> 

so whatever changes made( colored check mark or font) are applying to whole li content.

i need to insert a class in ul so that i can control default "." bullets behavior with some other list type.

on applying of style to ul div my source should look like

<ul class="abc"> <li>Line One</li> <li>Line Two</li> </ul> 

How can i achieve this in RTE. is any custom list plugin changes required? or can we achieve by properties?

Thanks in advance.



Thanks its helped alot and finally I added css class successfully.

Thanka for all the help. I really appreciate