Add item to AEM Home page and link it to an internal page, not loosing the nav menu



Hey there!

I wonder if is possible and, if so, if you guys can point me in the right direction.

I want to create an icon in the home page of AEM, next to sites, community, experience fragments, etc and link it to a page inside my code (let´s say I create a folder "test" where I put a file "test.html"), so, when an administrator / author click on that item, they go to that page, not loosing the top navigation menu, nor the feel and look of AEM.


About creating the icon, I have done it so far, through crx



problem, here, are two things:

1) if I click on the new icon, it downloads the file, instead of showing it

2) I guess, if I manage to get to the page, I am going to loose the top nav menu.


Any ideas on how can I do this?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @gusboca , 

You can achieve this by Overlaying node , as it is good practice not to touch "libs" folder.Please find attached two screenshot. One is of Navigation & other is crxde nodes. 


Hope this will help you. 


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Answers (1)




@gusboca I guess you are trying to build custom admin console page with your own data to be displayed. 


Please refer to excellent article by one of our AEM experts on this: