Add h4,h5,h6 to Paragraph style for Structured Content Fragments(AEM 6.3.3)

devareddy123466 03-01-2019


We recently upgraded to AEM 6.3.3 and I am trying to add h4 , h5 , h6 to paragraph style for content fragment authoring dialog, can anyone help on how to add this. We have enabled the Structured Content Fragments in order to use the latest features it offers, we have previously used the /apps/dam/cfm/admin/components/authoring/contenteditor/toolbar/toolbar.jsp to add the same features before the upgrade, but it doesn't seem to work after the service pack 3 due to change of the toolbar for structured cf.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 4.02.39 PM.png

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devareddy123466 07-01-2019

If any one can suggest how this can be solved in 6.4 Content fragments, that would be helpful too. From 6.4 by default the CFs are structured.