Add config for User Synchronization



Hi All,

I am trying to configure the user synchronization in my application by using the config files in apps.

This is the config PID from configMgr, but the id is diffrent in each environment.

When I am trying to add config, it's creating a new configuration, but I have to override this existing one.  How to add the config to override the existing config in all environments.

Following steps from this Article: User Synchronization

Using the AEM6.4 Version.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

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Thank you smacdonald2008 and @gauravb41175071 for the reply.

I have created the config folders under /apps/system like 1688855_pastedImage_2.png

It is created a new config for Adobe Granite Distribution - Diff Observer Factory ., But we have to override the existing one.


No errors in the user sync diagnostics.