Add a custom rte plugin like styles dropdown



Hello All,

I looked into Configure the Rich Text Editor  and  Configure the Rich Text Editor plug-ins to add custom styles to custom rte component. The change looks like below


The question is - Can I add a separate styles icon (with another symbol) so that I can show "styleA" and "styleB" over there instead of cluttering everything under the ootb 'styles' dropdown (S) ? Basically I want to keep style1, style2 style3 and so on, under ootb styles dropdown and separate out the styleA, styleB and so on, under separate icon dropdown.

So far I am just seeing available plugins that we can enable and add features. And for styles we can add any number of styles but cannot separate them. The plugins are based on unique ids it seems.

Please advise.

Using AEM 6.4.3.


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