add a copyright to multiple pdf files in AEM

joshuam77 11-12-2018

We use Adobe Experience Manager and have thousands of pdf files that need to have a copyright added to the footer. Is this possible with a function or potential for custom code to do this work and automate this need?

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smacdonald2008 12-12-2018

Yes - as AEM is a Java platform, you can write a custom Java service that uses a Java PDF lib such as PDFBox API. THen purhaps run a workflow on the PDF to add a copyright watermark -- java - Watermarking with PDFBox - Stack Overflow

joshuam77 12-12-2018

Thanks for the confirmation for OOTB. Can custom code be developed or leveraged to do this work in AEM? I can't imagine I'm the first business function to ask about this need?

joshuam77 12-12-2018

Today we generate out of Adobe InDesign for some documents, Google Docs for others and historically and largely MS Word. We moved all the PDF files into AEM earlier this year. Most of these PDF files are historical and been around for many years.