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We have recently upgraded (via migration) to 6.4 from 6.2 and are getting some new nodetransition emails when users who have replicate rights to a page that contains assets that they don't have replicate rights to try to activate.

In many cases, the assets on the page have been previously activated, for example, someone in our college of admissions may want to share a document or image managed by our financial aid office that is already live, (such as tuition data, which is determined well in advances). The admissions author would not have rights to that asset, and even though it is activated and has not changed since the last activation, and the page and assets would all be held up in the default activation workflow. I do not remember this being the behavior in 6.2.

Is there a way to modify this behavior, so that the wizard does not flag already activated assets? The alternative I am perhaps going to recommend is for users to uncheck any assets in the wizard.


Ben Stockwell

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Below is the node/code which is responsible to fetch referenced assets. You may engage a developer to tweak this implementation to hide all assets or specific assets based on some business logic using overlay. If you plan to hide assets using permissions of author, that might become a performance intensive task --


Alternatively, you may explore this solution - Customizing Request for Activation/Deactivation Wizards in AEM 6 | Perficient Digital

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