ACS Report - too many calls exception



I am using ACS AEM Commons report builder and specifically have references column. I am running it on DAM root folder which has around 2000 assets.


I am getting an exception of too many calls per request. To fix this, I had to increase the number to 15000 in .


Are there any cons of increasing the number to such a high number?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




This is related to system security. I suggest you can set this on demand basis that to in lower environments, I prefer once your operation is completed you can change it back.

The only issue I see,  if someone injects infinite malicious recursive code then it is going to be a problem

The infinite recursion and excessive script calls may impact on the system performance

If you are enabling this on production then it is good to security testing

Apache Sling Main Servlet



  • Number of Calls per Request and Recursion Depth to protect your system against infinite recursion and excessive script calls

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Answers (1)




I think you can ignore this error. I've got the same and compared the results from results (~27,000) from both ACS and manual query and they are both matching.


You can look at the logs if you want to debug further. Make sure you run these queries on pre-prod environments preferably local.