Acs commons versioned clientlibs- support for clearing the dispatcher cache as well..



Hi All,

We are using acs commons versioned client libs, which is working correctly as expected.

Whenever there is a change in the client libs it will creare a new version of the client libs, but the problem is the pages which are already cached in the dispatcher before a new version of th clientlib still refer the previous version.

Is there any way to automate clearing the dispatcher cache whenever a new version of the clientlib is created.


Pavan Bukka

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I don't think that there is an ootb way to do that. You could use a custom invalidation script, reimplement the standard invalidation (can be as easy as [2]) and hook your custom logic into it.

Changing clientlibs should be a controlled process (typically with a deployment), so you also just drop the complete dispatcher cache on deployments.


[1] Configuring Dispatcher ,  Section "Using custom invalidation script"

[2] Custom dispatcher invalidation rules | Things on a content management system

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