ACS Commons Sitemap Generator error: No renderer for extension xml



AEM components 2.7.0/ACS-Commons 3.17


I have 2 page page resource types, each has the "sling:resourceSuperType" set to "core/wcm/components/page/v2/page".

To generate sitemap on the topmost page of the site, I am using the ACS Commons Sitemap Generator. So, as per the instructions here and

I created two OSGi configs by the name: com.adobe.acs.commons.wcm.impl.SiteMapServlet.config-site1 and com.adobe.acs.commons.wcm.impl.SiteMapServlet.config-site2 of type: sling:OsgiConfig under the "config" folder, so that they are available both in Author and Publish instances.

Then i have set the properties and their values as directed at


Problem is, this does not work on AEM publish for one of the sites.

The difference I noticed is that the <site2-page>.sitemap.xml returns content as text/html, however, <site1-page>.sitemap.xml returns document type as xml. Here are the logs supporting that observation. And for site2, i see the error that there is no xml renderer.


What am I missing here?



*ERROR* GET /content/mysite/lob/intl/country/rootpage.sitemap.xml HTTP/1.1] No renderer for extension xml, cannot render resource JcrNodeResource, type=mysite/components/structure/country-page, superType=null, path=/content/mysite/lob/intl/country/rootpage/jcr:content



[266280] -> GET /content/mysite/lob/country1/en-us.sitemap.xml HTTP/1.1
[266280] <- 200 text/html 4ms

[491104] -> GET /content/mysite/lob/intl/country2/en-fr.sitemap.xml HTTP/1.1
[491104] <- 200 application/xml 117ms
[491120] -> GET /content/mysite/lob/intl/country2/en-ca.sitemap.xml HTTP/1.1
[491120] <- 200 application/xml 23ms


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