ACS Commons Dispatcher Flush Rules are breaking the replication



Hello community,


in one of our projects we got several dispatcher flush rules set via the ACS Commons Dispatcher Flush Rules configuration.

The purpose of those rules is basically to delete a .json file which resides under /bin/XX/home/XYZ.json on the dispatcher after replication by the author has been triggered. The rule can be viewed below.

Screenshot from 2020-10-14 14-20-58.png

However if we try to replicate a page which resides under the paths where that rule is being applied we receive an exception form the Replicator.Impl:
 *ERROR* [XX.XXX.XXX.XX [XXXXXXXXXXXX] POST /bin/replicate.json HTTP/1.1] Error during replication: Replication triggered, but no agent found! Replication triggered, but no agent found!
at com.adobe.acs.commons.replication.dispatcher.impl.DispatcherFlusherImpl.flush(
at com.adobe.acs.commons.replication.dispatcher.impl.DispatcherFlushRulesImpl.preprocess(

The "normal" replication of a page which is not stated in one of the Dispatcher Rules however works just fine. Also both "test connection" checks for the Dispatcher flush and Default Replication Agent are working. We do not see any output in the Dispatcher log - it really seems to not even leave the author instance that request. The used replication_admin user is configured and has permission to all needed paths. We only see that no replication agent is configured error message even if we add another logger on debug level to the package "".

We are using Adobe Experience Manager ( and ACS Commons 3.19.0. acs-commons-dispatcher-flush-service also has the needed permissions set.

Any ideas? Do we need to link the rules to a replication agent somehow? (we are using the default names for replication agent and dispatcher flush (publish,flush). How can we further debug this issue?

Thanks a lot!

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ACS Commons Dispatcher replication

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Accepted Solutions (1)



flush_resource_only replication agent with configured parameters listed on the ACS Commons documentation page was missing. The default dispatcher flush replication agent didnt work for the ACS Commons Dispatcher Flush rules!