ACL Permissions to Restrict Folder Creation



Hi Community,

  I wanted to see if any of you are aware of how to set up ACL rules so that a user can not make any add/edit/delete actions to folders themselves, but can contribute assets or pages to those folders?  I'd like to set up a role that can create our folder structure in Pages and in the DAM.  Then set up a separate role so that people can upload assets to those folders (in the case of the DAM) or create pages in those folders (in the case of Sites) but can not change the folder hierarchy in any way.  


  Wasn't sure if this was possible, and appreciate any help you can direct me to. 

ACL administration Permissions

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Accepted Solutions (1)



@BrianStager You will have to overlay the below path and add a rendercondition to hide create holder option to users of a specific group 




You can refer to the below link on how to create the render condition


Also remove read access to the below path



Similar approach can be used for other operations too.

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