Accessing Replication agents through curl commands



I have a  requirement to access the custom replication agent(which will be created to publish out content until preview environment) through curl command.

I tried for direct activation(default publish replication agent) with below command


String[] command1 = { "curl", "--insecure", "-u", username + ":" + password, "-X", "POST", "-F",
                                         "path=" + pathForReplication, "-F", "cmd" + "=" + "activate", url };
Requirement: Manually we need to initiate publish to preview workflow but though curl command how to access the replication agent(nothing but the workflow will link to preview replication agent)  which will send our content till preview environment.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




You can get the status of the Replication Agent(as follows) and perform several other actions, such as creating a new one, deleting an existing one, etc.

curl -u admin:admin "http://localhost:4502/etc/replication/ t.queue.json?agent=publish"
http://localhost:4502/etc/replication/ on?agent=publish


Try this document:

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