Accessing renditions using selectors



Hi, we are currently experiencing some rendition-related issues on our dispatchers as documented here: Dispatcher caching issue while displaying the image renditions in AEM

When accessing a rendition using a typical path (e.g. /content/dam/image.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.web.768.768.jpeg) before accessing the original image (e.g. /content/dam/image.jpg), the original image gets cached in the dispatcher as just a folder. It then can't be accessed on the dispatcher.

The suggested solution in the article is to use selectors to reference renditions (e.g. /content/dam/image.jpg.thumb.320.320.png). This works for renditions created using the Process Thumbnails step of the DAM Update Asset workflow. However, for renditions created using Create Web Enabled Image, I can't work out which selectors to use to reference the file. As an example, I've tried /content/dam/image.jpg.web.768.768.jpeg but this doesn't work.

Is it possible to use selectors to reference web enabled renditions?

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