Access Page Manager API with postman



I have AEM's instance hosted something like this, this is AEM 6.5 version.

I want to create and delete pages on this author instance using AEM's page manager API with any automation tool like JMeter or RestAssured but I have no idea, how to do it.

After spending some time on the internet (hitting in the dark), I am able to at settings.xml in .m2/settings.xml from this post - 

Also, I have below posts

  1. Publish/Unpublish Adobe AEM page from Java AEM Replicator API
  2. Using PageManager API in AEM6/CQ5 page Manager API
  3. page Manager API

But how do I implement them? I don't have any AEM coding experience.

Any reference, tutorial, GitHub project, sample code which can help me in understanding how to API APIs on hosted AEM application?

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Hi @iamjeeva ,


In order to create/delete a page in AEM programatically, take a look at Page Manager API


Code Snippet to create a page in AEM:


private void createPage (ResourceResolver resolver) throws Exception {

        String path      =  "/content/whatever" ;

        String pageName  = "testpage";

        String pageTitle = "Test Page";

        String template  = "/apps/sample/templates/test";

        Page testPage = null;

        PageManager pageManager = resolver.adaptTo(PageManager.class);

        if (pageManager != null) {

                testPage = pageManager.create(path, pageName, template, pageTitle);