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A non AEM architect wants to remove Dispatcher from our AEM prod, help.


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Our system architect (who has never worked with AEM before)  wants to remove dispatcher from our AEM environment. Our dispatcher is causing some issues according to the him and should be removed as it is not needed. My theory is that the dispatcher is incorrectly configured.


However to my knowledge the dispatcher is crucial for caching and url redirects.


So my question is, is there any good reasons to not have dispatcher or is it necessary to have a dispatcher. I am not a sysops person but I cannot find and documentation on AEM for a enterprise grade architecture where a dispatcher is not used.

Is it possible to run without a Dipatcher and if so are the any benefits.

What are the cons of having no dispatcher.



Clive Stewart

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Hi Clive,

In my personal opinion, most of the questions can be answered by the person who does not want dispatcher. He must have seen some issues with the dispatcher (please mention here) and feel strongly to remove it.

Dispatcher may not useful if whole application is dynamic or deployed in application server. if an application is to serve static content then there must be some caching module which could do the job like dispatcher. 

A few followup questions:

  1. What are the problems you are facing? And any thing specific point which causes issues?
  2. How does your architect propose a new infra architect?
  3. Have you found what configuration is not correct at the dispatcher level?
  4. What kind of application do you have?

Kindly provide details on above points to figure it out actual scenario.




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Thank you Jitendra,


I will ask him these questions. However I suspect its that the dispatcher has not been correctly configured.






In general the dispatcher is a vital component in an AEM-environment. Both for security and performance.

If there are issues, let's address those.


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Hi Feike,


Thank you for the answer. everything I have read and understand about AEM had lead me to believe it is not a wise idea  but rather fix the dispatcher's configs it if their is any issues. However I needed to ask this question on the forum to double check if I was correct.