6.5 SAML logout not working after upgrade.



We recently did an upgrade from 6.3 to 6.5.  We ported the code and content over to a fresh instance of 6.5 instead of doing an in-place upgrade.with

Everything seems to work great with SAML Authentication, we have two configurations - one for site A and one for site B.  All works in our 6.3 instance.  Authentication login in the new 6.5 works great as well, but logout does not.

I can no longer see the logout url (configured in the auth handler) actually being called whereas in the current 6.3 I can see it through the saml console in the browser tools.  What is weird is, the resource value we set in the sling logout url (siteA/saml_logout)is actually trying to be routed through the dispatcher, which fails because it isn't an actual resource - its a path to simply differentiate between it and site Bs saml auth handler.

Anyway, point is, works in our 6.3 but not in 6.5 and we have changed nothing regarding settings.  


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Accepted Solutions (1)



The problem was, we were using the acs-commons environment indicator.  Disabling this, resolved the issue.  Because the saml authentication handler does this in PostBinding:

      httpResponse.addHeader("cache-control", "private, max-age=0, no-cache, no-store");



It was being messed up by the acs-commons indicator.

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