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I'm facing one issue related to 6.5 Image drag and drop in page property, since page property opening in full screen unable to access content finder. We have custom tab where image can be dragged and dropped, what is  the alternate way to achieve so? except pathbrowser -> have issue with image preview in asset picker 
1. I have tried to follow same thumbnail(copy paste and change name value- asset picker) and customised it's name and value but node is creating always called image under jcr in spite of socialMedia/image.

Appreciate anybody help me!

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Accepted Solutions (1)






The paradigm that consists of drag and dropping assets has been replaced by the use of a path browser. It could be used by navigating to <host:port>/mnt/overlay/wcm/core/content/sites/properties.html?item=/content/we-retail/language-masters/en -> Selecting the Thumbnail tab -> Click on the Select Image button


Internal JIRA ticket reference : CQ-4270286


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