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Hi All,

we have AEM Forms 6.3 on JEE.

Recently we started seeing 503-Authentication support missing when we tried hitting /lc/projects.html or /lc/crx/de URLs.

Could you please let me know what could have caused this.

We have already tried cleaning the indexes as mentioned by few blogs. But this does not work.

In some places it is mentioned that it could have happened due to Memory Issues, Can someone please elaborate what Memory can cause this issue?

Any help is really appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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  •     Look at your error.log during start up and look for exceptions and error messages. These exceptions and error messages will clue you into what the problem is.
  •     If you don't see error messages log into felix and see if you have any bundles that aren't starting and try to manually start them and watch the error logs while you are manually starting them.
  • Sling not able to connect to repository. It may be corruption Or last install broke it.  Remove the last two entry in journal.log and verify.

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Answers (1)




That typically means that the repository is not started properly. The logs will give you some indication why it's not starting.