5.6.1.SP2 LiveCopy - Page Move problem




I have a multilanguage website with 30 languages ​​and I have live copy active only for 6 languages
(it - en - es - fr -pt - de).


Everything works properly


The problem occurs when I move page from language EN to a language not valid for the slave site [example AR].

I get thrown an exception javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException:

On the livecopy section the page remains in the EN language and referenced whit AR page in master site

I would like in these cases the page to be removed from the live copy. I remember that this behavior before sp2 worked


Best regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Moving pages in a blueprint will not result in corresponding pages being moved in live copies after rollout with standard rollout configuration:

  • The reason for this behavior is that a page move implicitly includes a page delete. This could potentionally lead to unexpected behavior on publish, as deleting pages on author automatically deactivates corresponding content on publish. This can also have a knock-on effect on related items such as links, bookmarks, and others.
  • Content inheritance in the respective live copy pages is updated to reflect the new location of their sources in the blueprint.
  • To fully realize a page move from a blueprint to live copies, consider the following best practices:
    1. Create a custom rollout configuration:
      • This new configuration must include the action:
        Do not add other actions to this configuration.
    2. Position the new configuration:
      • To fully roll out the page move, while deleting respective pages at their old location in the live copy:
        • Position the newly created configuration before the standard rollout configuration.
          The standard rollout configuration will take care of deleting the pages in their old location.
      • To roll out the page move while keeping respective pages in their old location in the live copies (essentially duplicating the content):
        • Position the newly created configuration after the standard rollout configuration.
          This will ensure no content is deleted in the live copy or deactivated from publish.  

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