Working in DPS CC 2015 - "NavTo" Links Will Not Work




I have been working in DPS (Solutions not Classic) and would like a link to go from article to article in a Collection.

On this page: Digital Publishing Solution Help | Hyperlinks in DPS 2015

It tells the Syntax story below. Similar to Classic, but, it follow the - exact information in the Article Preferences.

It will not work!!!

Does anyone have the answer here?

Thank you,


Create links using "navto" 


Linking to articles

Use the “navto” format to link to other articles or collections.

When creating either a button or hyperlink, you can replace “http://” with “navto://” in the URL field. Use the Article Name or Collection Name value as it appears in the metadata, not the Title value.

The following navto formats are valid:


Adding #n specifies a page number. The first page of a document is 0, so specifying #2 jumps to page 3.

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