Windows app has no option to purchase individual issues?



We can't figure out why there is no option to purchase individual issues in the new AEM Mobile app for Windows. I assume this feature would still be available.

I have checked to make sure the Windows Main Package Identity Name (shared secret field) is correct in the Store settings and when building the app. From my experience, when the shared secret is incorrect, there will be an error message when trying to make a test purchase. In this case there isn’t even a dialog box inside the app to try and purchase the issues, you only have the option to sign in. In DPS, when building the app, there is a field where you enter one product ID in the default price tier, which in turn makes all the in-app purchases available in the Windows Store. When building the app in AEMM there isn’t this option, but every issue still shows up correctly. Am I missing something simple? I appreciate the help,


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We currently do not have in-app purchase capabilities for Windows prioritized as a roadmap item for AEMM. In our research we found the number of users consuming magazine issues on Windows tablet devices to be very small. Would be interested to know if you have seen a large percentage of users on Windows devices. Typically we see most of our Windows users coming from internal distribution applications, such as a application designed for sales teams to use.