Why are the Web viewer and Device sign in boxes different?



We are creating an AEM app that uses V2 entitlement. I just noticed that the sign in dialog for the Web Viewer looks like this:


But the sign in dialog for the iOS devices looks like this:


Wondering why they are different? Differences that matter to us:

1. The tablet screen says "Username" but the Web viewer says "Email Address" (We prefer email address)

2. The tablet screen doesn't have a link to "create an account" but the Web viewer does. This is important. We need this.

Is there any way to make these to screens match? Why are the different?


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Nathan, I understand that the "create account" link on iOS is in the "Account" dialog in the hamburger menu. However, here's the problem: Imagine a new user is in the app, and they do not have an account and are not signed in. They encounter some entitled content with the lock.


When they tap "sign in" from one of these screens, all they see is the log-in screen below on iOS devices.


In this case, they have no idea how to create an account. They aren't going to know to go to the hamburger menu and tap on "account" to find it.

Both the Android and Web Viewer sign in screens have the "Create an account" link. The iOS sign in screen needs to have this as well!