Where is the article packager?



I just started the 30day trial of Adobe DPS and the Getting Started Tutorials are out dated and refer to some "Article Packager" app to convert HMTL content into articles.  Where do I find this app?  The tutorials also mention a Plug-In for Indesign to be able to export articles, but again, it directs me to the DPS dashboard to find it, but it's no there?

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Both of the resources you're looking for are here:

Digital Publishing Solution Help | Install tools for DPS 2015

For creating HTML articles, see this page:

Digital Publishing Solution Help | Create HTML articles for DPS 2015

You need to install the HTML article packager for packaging HTML articles, but it shouldn't be necessary to manually install the InDesign plug-ins. Those should be updated automatically.

Let us know if you have any other questions.