What screen resolutions should you make for DPS 2015 apps on IOS?



We are making magazine with the new DPS 2015 system. We are going to have a print, tablet and phone version of this magazine. To hit both of the digital version I was planning on making the resolution of the tablet 768x1024 and the phone version 640x1136. Are these still good resolutions to set up for? I want to hit as many devices as we can without making more that one phone and one tablet version of the app.

640x1136 is the resolution of iPhone 5 and it works on iPhone 5 and up. Is this resolution still a good resolution to use so it works on the 5, or should I switch the resolution to the iPhone 6 of 750x1334?

Thank you.

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Resolution choices, always a good debate. While your question uses specific iOS device dimensions, you should embrace the reality that DPS 2015 is about device classes more than OS/platforms. Think phone, tablet, web viewer more going forward.

Also consider the challenge of choosing a dimension for a design versus using responsive HTML for greater flexibility across devices. HTML and CSS can adjust the presentation of an article to fill any device screen, no letter/pillar boxing. The article is smooth scrolling, like a web page -- this might be a great way of building content, and you don't have to choose dimensions. Of course this means you'd use an HTML editor/system or a CMS like AEM, Drupal, or Wordpress to build your content -- definitely a different workflow. Chances are, this is where we're headed more and more.

Depending on your readership, it may be true that iPad is a good dimension for your tablet content. I think the choice of a phone dimension is slightly harder b/c it may be that you have a more diverse device pool for your phone readership. I'd likely work at the iPhone 5 size rather than larger 6 and 6+ -- that way it's more likely that a page will look good on the smaller screen and be somewhat enlarged on the larger screen. I'm more comfortable with that rather than trying to read shrunken pages on a smaller screen. (And then consider the rumors of upcoming iPhones with smaller screens... which way should you go?)