What are the best practices for creating a form on DPS?




We wanted to know what are the best practices for creating a form within DPS. We want to create a form that captures data even if its offline.

We tried making an HTML form which connects to salesforce and packaging it as an .article. When is online it works properly. When is offline you get the broken link not connected to the internet message.

Is there  a way to make this work?



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Hello Cindy

In your HTML file, before you get some data, try to verify if the user is online.

I´m using Jquery GET method, and work's fine on ANDROID and IPAD. If the GET method returns success, you can get your data.

The question is... How much people uses a tablet without internet connection?

If the user is offline, you can store the information to post when the user is online.

My question is, how to store the information on Android and Ipad?

Ipad do not accept "localstorage" method. Only cookies...

Looks like this can be hard to solve with a simple method.