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When I tip on a Web Viewer URL on a Mobile Device I get the info about the app but I'm unable to browse through the project. I assume that this is the desired behavior of the Desktop Web Viewer?

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Hi Colin

Thank you for your thoughts! I see the following scenarios:

  • When you get a Social Sharing link on a mobile device it would be helpful to see some content before you have to an app. A lot of users do not install apps only in order to check if the content is interesting for them.
  • I think the conversion rate (users which installs the app) would be better if they could first “test” the content in the mobile browser.
  • So - my two cents: It would be great if you would see the content in the web viewer on a mobile device with the possibility (banner) to install the app.


Haeme Ulrich



Good points Colin - I basically agree with the premise that the App is better.  However, that may not be what the average consumer of our content expects.  Maybe in the past.  Today, it is the assumption that web content is universal on all devices, desktop and mobile.  I understand the initial intent of WebView by Adobe as a tool to expand Social Sharing content. I think it is used differently by consumers than what the original intent was.  I have only tested the the new WebView in Beta.  I look forward to seeing it in one of our published Apps to get the true user experience.  I hope that Adobe will continue to consider to align their understanding of best practices and our customers and their expectations.

I think that this discussion is important.  More please.



I totally agree with @haeme_ulrich.

Many users see a prompt to install an app and they:

A) Won’t install the app.


B) Will never come back or tap on a similar link because they know they’ll get the prompt to install the app WITHOUT the option to say “No Thanks” and continue to the content.

The "get the app" teaser is a good idea, it should not be a wall on mobile.

As @haeme_ulrich stated, it would greatly help with conversion rates.

Here are the benefits that enabling the Web Viewer on mobile devices brings:

- Immediacy: As stated above, the less obstacles we put in front of users, the better.

- Increased Conversion: See above.

- Device/Platform Universality: All modern browsers on modern devices would be able to load the content (iOS, Android, and Windows).

- Increased Channel Integration: Social media has become a channel of content consumption, and many consumers use social media on the mobile web. We should be able to integrate to their specific consumption habit and be able to hook into it to expose them to the content we are publishing with as little friction as possible.

- True MultiChannel Publishing: Today users consume content through multiple channels, and content creators benefit from publishing in all available channels. MultiChannel publishing should include all channels. While the app experience is valuable and necessary, the web on mobile should not be left out. Leaving it out actually reduces monetization opportunities.



But the app experience on a device is going to be better than a web viewer experience on a device.

I.e. we're already on the device with an app, so why would I want to use a web viewer?

The most common way we think you'll hit a web viewer is by following a social sharing link -- consuming the link (following it) on a laptop/desktop won't result in an app -- that's the primary situation where the web viewer comes into play. Consuming the link on a device should lead you to the app, both for a better experience and a greater possibility of monetizing access.

Do you have a different scenario for why "web viewer" should work on a device?




I'm seeing the same as haeme_ulrich,

Loading the Top Level Collection URL or a collection browse page on mobile results in a simple page with the message "The content is no longer available" get the app to enjoy similar content"

Loading an article URL will display a thumbnail of the page and non-tappable teasers to other articles below the thumbnail.




No, you should be able to browse through your entire project in Web Viewer.

The Web Viewer displays only published content, not preflight. Have you published your content?