Web viewer capabilities and extensibility cross platform



Though I understand focus of AEM Mobile is apps, our company is interested in using AEMM provided the web viewer is capable cross platform.

On phone, the web viewer loads a responsive preview; however, appears to desire launching the app.

On tablet (iPad, at least), the web viewer displays the message: "This content is no longer available.  Get the app to enjoy similar content."

On desktop, the experience is good; however, what extensibility is possible; such as refining the responsive layout?

This capability would be major for our company - both in launching new projects, as well as migrating our entire portfolio of editions.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The web viewer works only on desktops and laptops. It isn't supported on phones and tablets.

The extensibility for the desktop web viewer is similar to iOS and Android apps. The authoring workflow APIs and most of the Cordova APIs related to the app, user, device, and content work the same way in web viewer as they do in iOS/Android, but Cordova APIs that are specific to mobile devices (such as Camera and Geolocation) don't work in desktop web viewer.

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