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visuals on the cards and background of the grids disappear


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Hello everybody,

since I'm working with AEM, I have issues with the visuals of the grids and cads I created.

If the user is not connected to wifi, and even he downloaded the collections, the visuals disappear or turn in low definition.

How can we fix that bug?

Thanks a lot for your answer.


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Level 2

Hi Romain,

Just to clarify, this is using "AEM Mobile" (AEMM) right?  AEM is a different product.  From your description, it sounds like it could be AEM Mobile, but there has been confusion in the past.

I have not heard of images lowering their resolution when not connected to WiFi (or Data).

This would take some investigation and more details (Publication Id, etc).  I suggest you call support and log an official issue so people can allocate some time to investigate this problem.



Level 1

Hi Andrew, thanks for your answer.

yes, this is using AEM Mobile.

I always called Adobe support... but no answer regarding this issue.

I'll try again.