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I have some questions about DPS and authoring tools.

1.  What's the difference between Folio and DPS Article ?

I think both format have fixed layout. I can't understand difference and merit of DPS Article.

I want to know why Folio was go away and change to DPS Article.

2.  I want to know all publish root from DPS. (ex.App Store for iOS, Google Play for android and ..)

I know I can make iOS, Android and windows application for each stores with DPS.

If I want to publish for Kindle store, iBooks store, Newsstand store or simply on Website, I don't need using DPS ?

3.  If I want to make reflowable book ( like responsive website ), I shouldn't use InDesign?

Is there method of making reflowable document with InDesign ?

should I use muse , DW or text editor ? (like normal website making)

I want to know standard making method of reflowable book.

Sorry for my not good English.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




1 - I know you are probably talking about the format but essentially, a folio in DPS Classic has now become a collection, the articles within the collections still represent the content

2 - iOS, Android and Windows are the platforms you can publish to

- We do not support the Kindle store

- For book-type content, you want to use the ePub format, please see the following links:

3 - InDesign has the ability to create reflowable ePub

See this tutorial: (with exercise files)

Hope that helps!

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