Using DPS 2015 with existing folios



I have a folio built with a previous version of InDesign DPS. I have a few questions regarding using DPS 2015.

1. Is it possible to view the folio with DPS 2015?

2. Can I make changes to my existing folio with DPS 2015?

3. In InDesign CC 2015, I see the Overlays panel, and it says the Adobe Publish overlay authoring in InDesign CC (2015) is coming Summer 2015. Summer is almost over. Is this available yet? If so, how do I get it?

4. If I start making an app with DPS 2015, how can I view my work on the desktop or device? I am used to using the Adobe Content Viewer on the desktop, iPad, and iPhone.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Do you have a DPS license? If so, you should have received information via email about accessing DPS 2015. If you do not have a DPS license, you can click the Free Trial button on the DPS product page: Digital publishing software | Adobe Digital Publishing Solution.

1. DPS and DPS 2015 are two separate products. Content you publish using one product is not available in the other. However, you can use the Folio Migration Tool to copy the folio from DPS to your DPS 2015 project. A new collection is created. This collection contains the articles in your folio.

2. No. Your folio and the collection are in two separate publishing systems.

3. DPS 2015 is available. You'll want to update your DPS tools for InDesign CC 2015. Note that InDesign CC 2015 supports only DPS 2015, not DPS 2014. If you want to work on both DPS folios and DPS 2015 articles, use a previous version of InDesign (CS6, CC, or CC 2014). See Digital Publishing Solution Help | Install tools for DPS 2015.

4. At this time, you need to build an app to preview content. However, a new preflight app should be available soon. See Digital Publishing Solution Help | Getting started with DPS 2015.