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I understand that a banner is a static element that can link to a web link or be a placeholder for image content. An article can contain an uploaded .article or packaged HTML file.

I am interested in having a card open up to a video. It would be great if i could upload that video file to play on the ipad/tablet as the content exclusively.

Will there be more file types available to upload to cater to this by release?

What should my alternative be for now - creating a video frame over an entire indesign article, or creating an html page with the video? (that is less seamless so I am interested)

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The plan is to support Videos as a type of content, along with articles and banners. Until videos are supported as a content type, one option is to create either an HTML article or InDesign-based article that opens and plays the video. Another option is to add a URL action to a banner that displays your videos in a slide-up browser. Users would then tap to watch the video and click Done to return to the browse page.

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