Table of contents shows pages in bottom-up order, rather than top-down



Hi, I'm working on a DPS project with landscape-only pages for iPads.

The table of contents shows pages in reverse order, from bottom-up, instead of top-down (which I get with portrait-only projects)

Screencap: the page order should be Foreword, How to use the e-book, Table of contents, Central, etc


How do I fix this?

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The order of items within a collection determines their order on the browse page. Are you seeing a different order of items in your browse page?



Swiping to the right, ie, finger starts on the right side of the iPad screen and moves to the left side is the normal instinctive swipe for all digital magazines.

So the first article would be at the top of the list, and the next one down on the list would be the next swipe right and so on. Yes?

Ive never seen anyone swipe a digital magazine the other way ~ ie finger swipes left to right



I've ordered the landscape pages so that users can swipe towards the left to move to the next article.

This puts the articles in bottom-up order on the browse page.

However if I ordered the articles in top-down order, users will have to swipe right to get to the next article - which is counter-intuitive.