Stock Responsive Layouts?



I feel like many folks would benefit from stock Grid Layouts,Card Layouts, and Browse Pages.

There are arguably many folks who just want to get up and running quickly and see content in their app quickly. I saw that the equivalent of the Content Viewer app is coming and that's great news.

I feel like Adobe can provide one stock Responsive Grid Layout/Card Layout setup that consists of a basic stack of image/blurb pairs.

Yes this won't be a one size fits all solution, but users then have the option to go beyond the stock Layouts and generate/produce their own based on the existing tools.

I also feel like users should also be able to generate/produce their own Responsive Layouts (Grid/Card/Browse Pages). Having to create these fixed Layouts feels counterintuitive in an environment where all the media we're surrounded with is more and more responsive all the time.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Rafi,

We are planning to add some additional example cards/layouts and an enhanced way of authoring them in the near future.

Can you elaborate a bit on the Responsive Layouts and how would you see them behaving? What do you mean by generating/producing your own responsive layouts?

Right now the grid is scaling to the device you're viewing it in, cards scale based on the grid, and you can define the positioning of the elements within the card (padding/margins) in % they also scale on smaller devices.



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Hi andrei.

By responsive layouts I mean responsive grid layouts and card layouts. These would be added as another option in addition to the grid layouts and card layouts that are in place today. A way to quickly add articles, create collections, and quickly see content in a preview or production app without all the manual work that it takes to create the grid layouts and card layouts.

I see them looking like simple image/headline/blurb sets:

1 - Image first (above) cropped from the center (adaptive width responsive to device, fixed height)

2 - headline below the image (typographically dominant over the blurb below). Adaptive type size responsive to device.

3 - blurb below the headline (typographically subordinate to the header above and would not take up empty space if left empty). Adaptive type size responsive to device.

These would all display in a pre-determined typeface (or choose from two or three), as well as pre-determined padding and margins.

No matter what device these are displayed on, the image/headline/blurb sets would stack vertically on a white or gray background. Maybe have an option to have a reverse light type over a dark background by checking a box. There would be an option for a brand image (logo?) at the top of the list.

Generating your own could start by clicking a "duplicate" button or something similar and selecting options like:

- background color

- image height

- typeface, type size, and color for the headline

- typeface, type size, and color for the blurb

Maybe add an option on tablets where the most recent article spans the width of the screen, and below that the rest only span half the width of the screen.

Again this would not replace the manual system. It would give folks a quick way to get their content up and running quickly. Power users can still "design" their grid layouts and card layouts using the manual method in place today.