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Some great new ideas in the New Browse Page Authoring Tool... loads of progress made there.

I hope you can look at these suggestions, which will help productivity and speed of delivery for teams using DPS2015. The Folio Producer tools worked well in places - and it would be good to replicate some of the features.

• The ability to open and edit an article placeholder from within a collection listing in the portal - if the article appears in more than one place, one could apply changes to all locations

• To have another column on the article and collection listing to show which top level navigation its appearing in or both. ie: when working with iPhone this is really useful etc

• To be able to 'wildcard' search through THOUSANDS of back issue articles. This is a massive ask as the existing isn't helpful

• To be able to group articles in the Content list for production purposes - this is to be able to multi-select a lot of articles at any one time

• To be able to change the name of an article or collection in the list - as per Folio Producer Editor - this would save loads of time - instead of having to open it

• To able to 'mark' articles and collections with a colour dot - this would aid production teams

• To be able to 'Lock' articles and collections once signed off - is this possible and a good idea?

• To be able to show more than three pieces of metadata in a card

• To be able to import in an HTML card - this is a key priority - for advertising and subscription entitlement

• To be able to SAVE Layout Templates across different projects - this is a priority ask - especially at large publishers makes total sense

• To be able to SAVE card templates across projects as per above

• To be able to duplicate existing article placeholders (ie: no content uploaded yet) and modify the copied articles - one could create an entire issue (or collection) this way - 'Make 20 copies' etc as opposed to one article at a time - automation is so important


Cheers, all.


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