Social Sharing inside HTML article with multiple pages



We have a customer magazine that we release on the phone as one .article  per release, as this suits better the range of phone screens (rather than an Indesign with multiple small screen sizes)

It's structured as index.html, 1.html,2.html,3.html... n.html, then into one .article file

Now we've been asked to include the "Social Sharing" feature for each article inside the .article file.

When you look at it now, you can share the whole .article, but not e.g. 2.html

I can see that the viewer creates some OS specific features when viewing a .html ("done" to go back to index.html and the title from the meta-tag in the HTML file) - would it be possible to include a Meta tag in the html file header e.g. "include sharing" so that the sharing button can be presented linking to the web viewer of the "articles article" ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Sharing is an iOS feature, enabled at the Project level.

Sharing is based on the article that's being read.

One article = one share. It's not the html here, it's the structure of your content in DPS 2015.

- Colin