Single Edition still available?




I am an Enterprise customer and switched to DPS2015 last july - from the beginning..

Now I have a new customer for whom I made a corporate magazine (100 pages, print, no series, just on edition).

They push me to make at least an ipad-only app from it.

Right now there is no way to persuade them to an enterprise licence for just those 100 pages.

Does anybody know whether the old DPS2014 Single Edition is still available now for enterprise costumers ?

Or ist there another way to stay with Adobe and fulfill this job?



Answers (3)

Answers (3)



In other words, create your folio in Folio Builder (via Indesign CC2014) and then go to Folio Producer. Publish the folio, and then export it.

Then open the DPS App Builder and select 'single folio' app in the options. You then can upload your exported folio, into the app build.

This then builds the app as a standalone app with one folio inside. (ipad only).

Of course, I'd advocate moving into DPS2015 as its awesome, and the future... if you're an enterprise customer why not try it out?



Single Edition no longer exists and is not a current product.

BUT, an Enterprise customer can use the DPS 2014 workflow and tools to make a single-folio app for iPad.

DPS Enterprise customers have access to both DPS 2014 and DPS 2015 workflows.

DPS 2015 does NOT support single-folio apps.