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Simulator in AEM Mobile developer tools failing with iOS 10


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Hi guys,

I'm facing a problem with aemm dev tool's simulator.

I followed the documentation about Using the AEM Mobile Developer Tool, installed an iOS simulator, created a project and started the simulator with "aemm run ios".

It then tells me:

     No target specified for emulator. Deploying to iPhone-6s, 10.0 simulator

The simulator opens up, the Preflight app tries to load right after start-up but fails and I'm back on the home screen.

The following is added to the mytest.sim.console.log:

Oct 24 22:00:07 --- last message repeated 1 time ---

Oct 24 22:00:07 Ms-MacBook-Pro com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDevice.E036ABB1-B4AE-43CA-B858-1C9D027E7989.launchd_sim[2588] (UIKitApplication:com.adobe.dps.preflight[0xc1da][2697]): Service exited due to Trace/BPT trap: 5

Oct 24 22:00:08 Ms-MacBook-Pro assertiond[2610]: notify_suspend_pid() failed with error 7

I googled "Service exited due to Trace/BPT trap: 5" and found a post saying this might be a problem of the app itself:

Possible reason for your trap 5 error is because you have not provide TeamID for your project.

Since XCode8 and iOS10 , Apple had made some changes and now deploying on real device with Xcode8 and iOS10 is allowed only after provided team id.

Am I doing something wrong or do we really have a missing TeamID in the app com.adobe.dps.preflight?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Hi Matthias,

Here's what I heard from a developer:

The user has upgraded to Xcode 8. Since our methods to suppress code signing in Xcode 7 don’t work in Xcode 8, the tool is trying to sign the framework. As a result, the Team ID field is required, but the tool doesn’t currently have a way to deal with it.

One (verified) workaround is to use xcode-select [0] to change back to an installation of Xcode 7.x [1].

Another (unverified) workaround is to open <Your AEMM project>/platforms/ios/CordovaPlugins.xcodeproj in Xcode 8 and set the Team ID in the General page of the CordovaPlugins project, then try building again.

[0] https://developer.apple.com/legacy/library/documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man1/xcode-select...

[1] https://developer.apple.com/download/ (Apple Dev Sign in required)

Hope this helps.