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We created a number of our apps years ago in iOS only before considering Android. Some of our bundle ID contain capital letters - com.publisher.MAGAZINE etc. so our product IDs are structured like: com.publisher.MAGAZINE.issuenumber for individual issues.

When we launched on Android we discovered that they do not allow CAPS in their product IDs so we have a slightly different structure - com.publisher.magazine.issuenumber. This has been an inconvenience but not an issue because we separate our Android and iOS content through different Adobe ID's and can therefore provide different product IDs for each issue.

Because the new DPS is much more cross-platform friendly and we won't have to split our content anymore I believe we'll need the ability to provide different product IDs based on platform - unless Google is loosening their conventions around characters etc.?

Will we be able to do this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The capital letters in the product ID will not be an issue in DPS 2015. Product IDs can have the following characters: ^[a-z0-9A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9._]{0,99}$

We recommend using product IDs that meet the requirements of the different marketplaces (iOS, Android, Windows)

Currently in DPS 2015, a content collection can only have a single product ID (one product ID can be assigned to multiple collections). In order to continue serving & honoring content with previous entitlement to your users on both iOS and Android, the workaround is to create 2 separate projects for iOS and for Android. You won't need to log in to the DPS portal separately, but the projects will need to be unique in order to have different product IDs associated with collections & apps for iOS and Android.

The ability to assign multiple product IDs to a single collection is on our future roadmap. This would enable both the "caps" and "all lowercase" product IDs to be assigned to the same collection and honored based on the device platform where the user engaged with the content.


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Answers (3)



Hi Kristy!

You mentioned in the original response that the ability to have multiple product ids associated with a single collection is on the roadmap - can you give any indication of timing? I think one of the great benefits of the new platform is the ability to have one content source for multiple platforms and having to have multiple projects for one brand defeats that. Also - I believe we can't share collections or articles across different projects so there will be some duplication of work there.

Any idea of timing around this feature would be appreciated!



Hi, Duncan

I have the same problem. In Classic DPS I published differents Products IDs to Apple and Android folios

The better workflow is create two projects and publish the article for each project (Apple and Android)?