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First off....Wanted to know if there is a way to have separate search layouts based on the phone and tablet top levels that I currently have.  I have made the default card my "search" card... and that is obviously being applied to both my tablet and phone searches.

The other thing I have run into... is when using the search I have content showing up from an old migration that has since been deleted months ago.  But that content is still showing up in my searches.  Is it possible to stop this?

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Search Results use both the Default Layout and Default Card. When designing your layouts and cards, you can create different designs for Phone & Tablet using the layout tool (Content > Layout Templates). Select Phone or Tablet (located in the top center of the page).

If you have enabled Search for your app, the recommendation is to use the Default Layout / Card only for Search results. Any changes you make to the default design will apply to all collections mapped to the Default Layout/Card. You can create other Layouts/Cards to use for content collections.

Changes have been made since the original launch of search to not return content that has been removed. If you are still seeing deleted content surface in search results, please contact Customer Support so that they can capture the details and file a ticket. (

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